Should i interview several real estate agents?

Score 5.0 (2.260) · Yes, definitely. Most real estate agents expect you to interview several options before deciding on one. There is no fixed number, but a good rule of thumb is to treat it as you would if you were getting a quote for a large house remodel or similar, and interview at least three real estate agents. Not all real estate agents will welcome the opportunity to be interviewed, and the best agents probably won't want to complete a survey.

However, by using an agent to help them sell, many sellers often quickly realize that the potential financial gains from using the services of a real estate professional far exceed what you pay in commission. Interviewing more than one real estate agent can be valuable just to get different ideas and marketing strategies, negotiations, financing you will accept, contract clauses, advice on staging the house, and any repairs you may or may not do. Prospective real estate agents will be able to suggest a sale price by thoroughly evaluating the property, taking into account comparable properties in their city or suburb. In terms of how much you'll pay a real estate agent for your services, rates can vary widely from one real estate agency to another.

FastExpert is a real estate agent directory that ranks agents by location based on customer ratings and past home sales history. However, shopping and letting real estate agents know you're comparing will help keep the industry on their toes and instantly eliminate any stories one might be thinking of telling. That said, there is no bar exam for real estate agents, and no school offers a degree in how to handle problems in a transaction. You may not need all the services, but you should know if they include open days, staging services, professional real estate photography, public and private listings, what exposure and marketing they will do for you.

Listing your home with a professional real estate agent is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Real estate agents will have a significant share in how your property will be presented to potential buyers online and in print media. It is not Zillow's intention to solicit or interfere with any established agency relationship you may have with a real estate professional. Listing contracts have an expiration date and the duration of the contract depends on the state of your housing market.

Expirations of 30, 60, 90, or 180 days are the most common. Real estate agents only need a few licenses to practice, but there are many others available to agents who intend to perfect their craft. Even if you're allowed to negotiate your commission with real estate agents when you interview them, the cheapest option isn't always the best.

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