Why do real estate agents withhold sale price?

First of all, it could have been a poor result, and they don't want the. There are several reasons why an agent may decide not to disclose the selling price. First of all, it could have been a bad result and they don't want the lower-than-expected number to get hooked on their reputation. They are withheld to prevent the occasional observer from giving you lower prices.

In some cases, it is the buyer who does not want the final price to be known, rather than the seller. They don't want the public to have easy access to the amount they have paid. What I have discovered in a sample study in a council is that withheld prices have wisely risen more than THREEFOLD since the end of the housing boom. Many real estate agents post a press release or social media update about their latest property sale to attract the next round of sellers.

Victoria Real Estate Institute President Adam Docking said withheld prices are a “small, tiny share of the market and often due to family reasons, a divorce or a deceased estate. Real estate agents pay to access the most detailed and up-to-date data, which they use to provide fact-based estimates of property values. Real estate agents, art galleries, and even some restaurants (see below) routinely post “Call for Proposals” or “Prices Available Upon Request” notices and withhold easily accessible prices. Sellers and buyers can request that the price be kept off the sold list, especially for more expensive properties or in sensitive situations, such as a divorce or deceased estate.

Retention of auction results often occurs when sellers or real estate agents are not satisfied with the outcome and the sale price falls below expectations. Salespeople and realtors have significantly reduced home and apartment sales results reporting in many suburbs. Keep in mind that this is the type of thing you face when it comes to real estate in Sin City. This website provides general information about REINSW, its products and services, and the real estate practice in New South Wales.

This suggests that sellers or real estate agents are more likely not to report normally unfavorable price results. As the Director of De Brennan Property, I am proud to provide personalized real estate service for clients with properties located in and around Mosman.

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